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Why Dental Care Matters for Seniors

As we age, maintaining our oral health becomes increasingly essential for maintaining our overall health. Preventive dental care, including regular dental check-ups, routine dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and prompt treatment at the first sign of dental diseases, protects more than your smile. Preventive dental care protects your overall health by stopping painful dental diseases and oral infections from interfering with your overall well-being.

Oral Health Concerns for Seniors

Matching Seniors with MDA Member Dentists

We know “best dentists for seniors near me” is more than a search for geographic matches. It’s a search for a dental care professional who shares your commitment to your health. It’s about finding a dentist who will work with you to help you maintain or reach your oral health goals. After all, your general dentist should feel like a partner in your health.

As the state’s leading connection to all things oral health, the Michigan Dental Association is here to connect you with qualified general dentists and dental specialists in your area. MDA dentists are experts who understand seniors’ unique dental needs. They take the time to get to know you, providing personalized care and treatment plans around your needs.

Finding a General Dentist for Seniors Near You

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What to Look for When Searching for a Dentist for Seniors

You will find more information about each dentist on their profile. Some may include details about dental insurance plans accepted or include dental issues they treat; others may leave that information on their practice’s websites. Click those practice links to learn more about the dentist, their dental care team, and their practice. You may also call the dentist’s office and discuss any questions about becoming a new patient, dental insurance plans, and any other unique treatment needs with their helpful staff.

Finding Dental Specialists for Seniors

Just like with physicians, dental medicine has specialties and subspecialties. For instance, if you break your arm, your primary care physician will refer you to an orthopedist to tend to your bone break. Similarly, if you need a root canal, your general dentist will refer you to an endodontist specializing in saving teeth.

How to Find Dental Specialists for Seniors Near Me

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