“No Time” for a Dentist Visit? C’mon.

If you are anything like the rest of us, you probably have more enjoyable things to do than go to the dentist. But when you start pulling the “I’m too busy card” and skipping dental checkups, it’s time for a wakeup call. Allow us: Cockadoodledoo.

Every month, week, or even day that you continue to push your next dental visit past the 6-month mark is a toll you are taking on your own dental health. Bacteria doesn’t stop what it’s doing to your mouth because you don’t want to address it. Cavities don’t stop their progress because you’d rather not sit in a chair. Tooth decay loves when you avoid the dentist because that’s when it makes the most progress on your teeth. Same goes for gingivitis, or periodontitis, inflammatory diseases that can destroy your gums.

The good news is, you’re in control.

Don’t get sucked into time-sucks.

The average dental checkup takes about an hour, maybe a little less. You want to know some other things that take an hour, maybe a little less?

  • Pressing the snooze button five times in the morning
  • Watching an episode (or maybe several) of the latest show you’ve been streaming
  • Going out for lunch
  • Taking a post-lunch nap
  • Playing that new addictive game on your device that your friend recommended to you last week
  • Wasting your time doing a bunch of other things you don’t say “no” to, even though they’re activities you could really care less about

We’re not about to tell you to watch less TV, spend less time on social media, stop taking naps or cancel lunch with your friends. We want you living your best life! We are merely strongly suggesting, possibly even begging, that one day every six months you put aside one of those activities for the sake of your smile.

We know it’s a tough ask, but we’ll help make the decision even simpler for you.

Understand the repercussions of not going to the dentist.

Here’s the thing, dentists don’t get prizes, bonuses or free toasters for the cavities or other issues they find in your mouth. They stand to gain nothing from whatever issues they stumble upon that need to be addressed.

That said, if they bring up a concern they’re seeing, it’s in your best interest to let them work their magic and get your pearly whites back on track. That’s the whole reason for regular checkups, to ensure your teeth and gum health doesn’t start to stray.

For instance, it’s not out of the realm of possibility your filling from 1994 is no longer helping you. It could actually be contributing to tooth decay around or underneath it, out of reach of your toothbrush.

Trust your dentist when they say they found something and want to fix it. They’re only doing that because they want to help.

Shift your outlook on dental care.

Lots of people have a really hard time putting themselves first. They’re so busy taking care of other people, their own needs get pushed to the side. But now it’s time to show yourself (and your smile) some much-needed love.

Schedule your next appointment before you leave.

Hands down, the easiest way to ensure you get your tush back in that chair within six months is to book your next appointment before you even leave your dentist’s office.

Pull out your phone and set a date with the receptionist that is completely free on your calendar. Then block the 20 minutes before and after to account for the commute.

Now comes the hard part: don’t entertain the idea of booking over it. It might be best to plan it for the middle of the week so even if you’re tempted to extend your weekend, you’ll still make your appointment.

As hard as it may be, consider your next trip to the dentist as a close friend’s birthday party. (Except instead of presents there’s flossing and instead of cake, there’s fluoride.) You wouldn’t book over your bestie’s birthday, so show your teeth (and yourself!) the same love and respect—don’t book over that appointment.

If you don’t have a dentist or the time to find one, we can help with that too. Just click here, make an appointment, and be ready to enjoy a healthy, beautiful grin.