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Don't Cheat Your Teeth.
It’s finally here, your one day to forgo the fitness routine, ditch the diet, and indulge in sugary snacks and sodas. Because let’s face it, you’ve earned it. But while you’re chowing down on your rewards, your teeth and gums are the ones getting shredded…and not in a good way. Flex on excess plaque, tartar buildup, and gum disease by booking a dental cleaning. Now, that’s one personal record you can definitely reach.
Bow down to the crown.
Have a weak or damaged tooth that’s aiming to abdicate? Don’t panic, you can once again let your stately smile reign supreme with the help of a dental crown. Picture tiny smile shields that wield power in all the right places to strengthen and protect your teeth. Some people even use these teeth tiaras to take their noble gnashers to the next level—making them brighter, straighter, and oh-so dignified.
Don't be caught off guard.
Stay at the top of your game by cutting sports-related dental injuries before they even have a chance to make the team. A biscuit to the mouth can leave your teeth with damage that’s permanent and painful—a true check to the head. Be a good sport and snag yourself a mouthguard to ward off injuries to the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. You’re the real MVP now.
Order up a brighter smile.
Coffee is life. We get it. But for your teeth, it’s a bitter deal. Your favorite roast launches an acid attack on your teeth, eats away at enamel, and leaves stains that dull their shine. Help your pearly whites out—slow down your coffee chugging ways. Put down your post-lunch cold brew and reach for a satisfying green tea (hold the sugar) or a venti H20. Curb afternoon caffeine cravings with a healthy swap for a brighter smile and a better night’s sleep.
Teeth sending you mixed messages.
Inflamed gums, a sensitive tooth, and a sore jaw can set your mind to doomscrolling mode. Place those worries on read because we’re here to help blow up the myths. Scheduling an oral evaluation to check for any abnormalities in the face, neck, and mouth is way less painful than spending weeks worrying you’re suffering from Spontaneous Tooth Combustion (not a real thing BTW).
Get ready to rank up.
It’s time to up your dental hygiene game from newb to expert by curbing your acid-packed energy drink intake. These bevs provide a sugary smorgasbord for bacteria-filled plaque to feast upon. And sadly, once you have a critical hit to your enamel, no extra lives or health packs can bring it back. If your mouth’s defense arsenal has been on a permanent lag, don’t rage quit on your teeth—get a filling FTW.

Regular Dental Visits = Happy Teeth

Keeping your teeth looking (and feeling) their best is all about consistency. Stay up to date with your regular checkups and establish healthy habits at home.

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the dentist, don’t fret—do a reset. Treat your teeth to a dental visit and get your oral health back on track.

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