Do You Really Know How Strong Your Teeth Are?

Your teeth are with you through thick and thin. Both in terms of your hard times, as well as all the different types of food you eat from burgers to lettuce.

Feel The Pressure

In terms of strength, your bite is one of the most powerful forces in your body. On average, a human’s bite measures up to 200 lbs of pressure. Even for people who can lift 200 lbs at the gym, think about how small the mouth is in relation to the upper body strength required to match it.

The next time you snap off a bite of carrot or chew a tough piece of meat, consider the power behind every chomp.

Unrivaled Toughness

Not only is your bite one of your strongest abilities, but the enamel on the exterior of teeth themselves is stronger than bone. This makes sense given that teeth are technically bones, however your teeth need enamel in order to protect them from the over 300 types of bacteria that can attack them.

The bones inside our bodies are protected by layers of tissue, muscle, skin, even our immune systems. With teeth being exposed, enamel acts as their first line of defense.

Strong though they may be, teeth aren’t able to repair themselves in the way that our softer parts do, like tissue and skin. If a tooth is chipped, cracked, cavity-ridden, or harmed in any other way, it requires the skill of a dentist to resolve and mend.

Outlasting Humans

Human teeth can last for tens of thousands of years. Scientists have pieced together much of our ancient history from teeth discovered alongside skeletons over the decades. Who knows if your teeth will be the ones telling the story of our time thousands of years from now?

That’s reason enough to keep practicing healthy oral hygiene habits!