Care Goes Beyond Coverage

MDA Dentists—Dedicated to Our Patients

For MDA member dentists, your health always comes first. Because we believe good oral health is necessary for good overall health.

Even when times are hard, our dedication to our patients does not waver. We remain committed to providing equal access to preventative and comprehensive oral health care—for the health and well-being of all our patients.

Patients Always Have Options

We understand. Layoffs, furloughs, reductions in work hours, and other difficult life changes happen. Hardship does not have to be a barrier to necessary dental care. Additional options may be available to you, including lower cost treatment at a local free or reduced fee dental program.

If financial concerns prevent you from getting the care you need, talk to your MDA dentist. Tell us what’s going on. Together, we’ll find a way—for your health.

“Let’s talk. Together, we’ll get you the dental treatment you need.”

MDA dentists believe that even in difficult times, no patient should have to worry about access to dental care.

Dental Care Is Essential Care

MDA dentists protect our patient’s overall health by looking after their oral health. When one is impacted, so is the other. Routine dental visits, such as regular cleanings and exams, help ensure your entire body stays well—so you stay well. Preventative treatment helps prevent future problems, before they become more serious, painful, and expensive to treat.

At every visit, MDA dentists look after your health by:

  • Preventing Dental Problems: Including gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Detecting Illness & Disease throughout the Body: By examining the mouth for the first signs of serious health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and cancer.
  • Stopping Dental Emergencies: These often start as minor issues that could have been caught and treated at a routine visit. Regular dental care prevents painful and costly emergencies from derailing your health.

We’re Here for You

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, let us know. Don’t be afraid to call and ask to talk to your MDA dentist. Let’s look after your health, together.

Don’t have an MDA dentist? Find an MDA dentist near you with our Find a Dentist tool.