Dental Care Updates from Your MDA Dentist

Please call your MDA dentist for their opening hours and to schedule care. To ensure safety during the pandemic, MDA member dentists put new protocols in place and stay informed of the latest safety guidelines. As they welcome patients back to their offices, our members are excited to do what they love—treating all their patients!

MDA Dentists Care About Your Health

We understand. Some folks may be nervous about resuming regular activities—including going to the dentist. MDA member dentists are here to reassure you that with each patient they see, they’re taking extra precautions to minimize exposure to illness and to protect everyone’s health.

What to Expect When You Go Back to the Dentist

The next time you go to the dentist, things will look a little different than you may remember. Knowing what to expect at your dental visit can help many patients—especially kids—feel more comfortable at their appointment. Below, we’ve outlined some new measures MDA dentists may have put in place for everyone’s well-being.

Your Visual Guide to Dental Visits

From pre-screening to follow-up, here’s a step-by-step guide of what to expect at your next dental visit:

How Dental Care & Office Staff Help Keep You Healthy

icon - male with normal temperature

Daily Health Checks

Including temperature readings & COVID-19 symptom screenings

icon - hand placed under sink

Hand Hygiene

Increased handwashing & hand sanitizer use

icon - personal protective equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Full PPE for providers; masks for office staff

icon - mobile phone

Staying Informed

Of the latest research & infection control guidelines

Before Your Visit

icon - calendar

Scheduling Options

May be limited to allow for extra disinfection & social distancing

icon - phone ringing

COVID-19 Screening

Phone questionnaire the day before your visit

icon - male asking question

Ask Questions

It’s always okay to ask questions about what to expect at your visit

icon - older group of people

At-Risk Patients

Reminded to check in over the phone & wait in the car

When You Arrive

icon - male wearing mask


Requesting that you must wear a mask upon arrival

icon - thermometer

Temperature Check

For everyone entering the dental office

icon - hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Clean your hands on the way in

icon - filling out form

COVID-19 Screening

Questionnaire — bring your own pen or pencil

Waiting Room & Shared Spaces

icon - distance between people

New Layouts

Chairs removed, dividers put up for social distancing

icon - abacus

Fewer Things to Touch

Toys, magazines, & reading materials removed

icon - spray bottle

Daily Cleaning

Waiting rooms & bathrooms disinfected daily

icon - people

Less Crowded

Limited to caregivers & patients only

Treatment Room & Dental Team

icon - spray bottle

Cleaned between Patients

Room disinfected & protective coverings replaced

icon - dentist tools

Sterile Equipment

MDA dentists only use sterile tools & equipment

icon - no touching

Fewer Items

Non-essential items removed from treatment room

icon - mask

Dental Care PPE

Face shield or eye protection & mask; gowns or jackets; gloves

After Your Visit

icon - clipboard

Your Follow-up

May be fewer appointment options available

icon - sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Don’t forget to clean your hands on the way out

icon - male coughing

Report Symptoms

Any COVID-19 symptoms occurring within 2 days of visit

icon - filing cabinet

Care for Your Smile

Good dental hygiene habits help keep you healthy

Your Health First—MDA Dentists Always Practice Infection Control

As dental professionals, MDA member dentists are highly trained in infection control measures. In fact, they’ve followed and enforced strict INFECTION CONTROL PROTOCOLS for decades. Now, your MDA dentist is taking these practices even further to help reduce the risk of illness, including coronavirus exposure.

Some of these measures include:

  • COVID-19 symptom screening for all patients and staff
  • Enhanced infection control protocol
  • Use of additional personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Enforcing social distancing in waiting areas
  • Reducing the number of patients in the dental practice at any given time
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest guidelines from the CDC, ADA, MDA, and other agencies

Going Back to the Dentist—Answers to Your FAQs

Call your MDA dentist and schedule an appointment. When left untreated, minor problems can easily become urgent dental care matters. Postponing necessary dental care for too long can negatively impact your dental health and your overall health.

If your appointment has not already been rescheduled, we encourage you to call and schedule a dental appointment. For your oral health, it’s important to continue with the treatment plan you and your dentist decided upon. Patients with certain oral health conditions, including gum disease, and those with orthodontics should return to their regular appointment schedule to prevent future complications.

If you had to delay care of any kind during the shutdown, MDA dentists don’t recommend further delaying dental care—even routine exams and regular cleanings. Why? Your dental health and overall health are linked. When one is impacted, so is the other. Routine dental care helps you stay on top of your oral and overall health.

At-risk patients should call and discuss their specific concerns with their MDA dentist. For some patients, dentists may suggest additional preventative measures, including checking-in and waiting in your car until your appointment time.

Most patients with preexisting conditions who are considered “high-risk,” should still seek dental care. Chronic illnesses and poor overall health negatively impact dental health. MDA dentists closely monitor patients with chronic conditions and provide necessary treatments to help prevent complications associated with these illnesses.

It’s okay to call and ask questions!

Patients can always call and ask about oral health matters, office infection control protocol, and more. Your MDA dentist and their staff are here to help you. They’re doing everything they can to keep you healthy and comfortable at every visit.

Don’t have a dentist and need treatment? Use our Find a Dentist tool to find an MDA dentist near you.