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Community Dental Programs

This section contains listings of community programs that provide dental services to individuals with special considerations. These programs offer services to seniors, low-income individuals, patients on Medicaid, disabled, handicapped or institutionalized individuals, individuals with no dental insurance, children, individuals who are in nursing homes or are homebound, and others in need of dental care they could not otherwise afford.

Select a county from the dropdown list to display community dental programs serving that area. Listings are displayed alphabetically.


Property Types

DNNspot Property Agent Import

Directions: This module will import Properties to the Ventrian Property Agent module. Drop Property Agent module on any page, setup your custom fields and property types, then select a module to use below and export an CSV example by using the Export Properties button below. Next, fill in the columns of the CSV document and save your document. Then, select the appropriate instance of the module below, choose the CSV file with the properties in it, and hit upload! A site backup is highly recommended. This module has been tested with DNN 5.5 and Ventrian Property Agent version 1.7.78.

Select an instance of the Ventrian Property Agent module to use:
This module will be used to import, export, or delete properties.

Always make a full backup of your site before importing or deleting properties

Import Properties to Selected Module

Select a CSV file to upload:

If PropertyType column is not found or a match cannot be found in the selected module, the importer will create a PropertyType for you.

Export Selected Module Properties to CSV

Delete Selected Module Properties

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