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License Renewals

All Michigan dentists must renew their licenses every three years and certify compliance with state continuing education rules by submitting their application for license renewal. Renewals occur on a rotating basis, so that one-third of the licensed dental population renews each year. Likewise, your controlled substance license must be renewed every three years from the date it was first issued.

Dental licenses expire on Aug. 31 of any given year. For the preceding three-year period, dentists must maintain records of CE activities and current CPR certification according to the rules of mandatory continuing education (MCE). Visit the CE Rules area of the Continuing Education section for more information on CE requirements.

Dentists should expect to receive an application from the state no later than six weeks out from the Aug. 31 deadline. Dentists should call the Bureau of Health Services at (517) 335-0918 if they did not receive an application by this date.

Online Renewal

The state of Michigan offers an online method of renewing your professional license. Internet license renewal is available for all of the professions which are licensed by the Bureau of Commercial Services or the Bureau of Health Professions. To renew your license via the Internet, follow the link below:

Process of license renewal

All dentists will receive a license renewal application from the Consumer and Industry Services Bureau of Health Services that includes the renewal for the controlled substance license. If a dentist is licensed to practice a specialty, he/she will also receive a separate renewal application for their specialty. The applications look the same except one indicates its use is for specialty licenses.

Dentists should expect to receive their application no later than six weeks out from the Aug. 31 deadline. Dentists not receiving their application by this time, have questions or are in need of a new copy of the application, should call the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs at (517) 335-0918. NOTE: This phone number connects to a voice mail system that will guide the caller to the appropriate selection. If a question is not answered using the voice mail system, press "zero" on the telephone to speak with an operator if one is available.

Once a dentist completes the renewal application, it should be returned to the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs for processing. By submitting your license renewal application, you automatically attest to having complied with the mandatory continuing education requirements. Records must be maintained for four years from the date of application. Typically, 5 to 10 percent of each year's license renewals will be randomly audited. At that time, records of MCE activities must be presented to demonstrate rules compliance.

Controlled Substance License Renewals

Effective Dec. 2, 2004, you are no longer required to have a separate controlled substance license for each location in which you prescribe controlled substances. You only need one controlled substance license to prescribe controlled substances in Michigan regardless of the number of locations where you prescribe. If you are receiving or storing controlled substances, a separate controlled substance license is required for each physical location. If you dispense controlled substances to patients, a Drug Control License is also required for each physical location. A business address should be used for your controlled substance license. If you work in locum tenens, you should choose your primary address or the one where you normally receive mail.

To renew your controlled substance license via the Internet, follow the link below:

For a more in-depth look at specific CE requirements for license renewal, visit the CE Rules section of the MDA website.

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