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Patient Communication Kit

The Michigan Dental Association is aware of the difficulties many members are experiencing due to cuts in insurance benefits for patients across the state. To help lessen the negative impact on your practice, we have designed the following patient communications materials. You are encouraged to adapt them to your practice to communicate with patients who may be considering reducing or eliminating dental visits due to a loss in insurance coverage.

The primary message of the materials is the important role that regular dental visits play in maintaining oral and overall health. We strongly encourage you to convey this message to all your patients, regardless of their insurance status. Typically, noninsured patients visit the dentist less often than insured patients, making it is even more important to communicate with your patients.

Please be assured that the Michigan Dental Association is continually working on ways to help your practice succeed and our member dentists succeed.

Sample Patient Letters

Download and customize these patient letters.

Additional Resources

Download these additional resources for communicating with your patients.

  • Phone Script and Meeting Talking Points: A point-by-point summary of key talking points to help you discuss the issue with a patient on the phone or in person.
  • GM/Chrysler Retiree Benefit Changes: Additional resources for yourself and your patients when working with the benefit changes of patients who are GM and Chrysler retirees.
  • "Increase Case Acceptance in a Difficult Economy," by Dr. Roger Levin. This quick read provides ideas for how to create value for your patients, and includes a section on how to talk to patients about financial options. Provided courtesy of the Oklahoma Dental Association Journal.
  • Office Counter Card: Displaying this card in your office will convey the message of the importance of regular oral health care to patients regardless of whether they communicate with you directly. To request more cards, contact April Stopczynski
  • PowerPoint Presentation: A custom PowerPoint to help your patients understand the role of dental insurance related to patient care and the affordability of dental care without dental insurance. (NOTE: This is a 32mb file.)
  • YouTube Video for Members: A short instructional video is available to help you get the most value from these materials

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