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Pain Management Credits

Many MDA members have asked how they can find continuing education courses that meet the state of Michigan’s requirement of one CE credit in pain management per licensing period.

What type of courses or information is acceptable to meet this requirement?

The MDA recently posed that question to Rae Ramsdell, director of licensing for the Michigan Board of Dentistry. According to Ramsdell, "The topic of pain management is open to just about anything related to pain — what it is, how to address it, anesthesia in some instances." She added, "We will be looking for this hour, but we will be flexible in what courses are acceptable. If we have questions, we may ask the licensee to provide more information regarding the course."

Bottom line: If a course covers the general subject of pain management, and it is from an approved provider, it most likely qualifies as acceptable.

The MDA periodically offers courses that qualify for this one credit of pain management. Upcoming courses that include pain management credit are:

For more information, contact the MDA’s CE department at (800) 589-2632.

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