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National Children's Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and the Michigan Dental Association and American Dental Association encourage all kids to join the Super Smile Team and fight to good oral health!

Dentists across Michigan visit their local schools in February to provide fun oral health presentations and toothbrushing supplies to children.  Many dentists also donate dental treatment to low income children through Give Kids a Smile events on the first Friday in February each year.

Oral health issues cause millions of lost school hours each year and are almost entirely preventable through regular oral health care. For information on the importance of oral health and how to keep a winning smile for a lifetime, please visit:

Calling All Big Mouths!

In conjunction with National Children’s Dental Health Month the Michigan Dental Association is launching a statewide video contest to find the “mouthiest” class.

The contest will be open to all K-5 Michigan elementary schools to promote oral health and its importance to overall health. We are asking students to make a fun, creative, two-minute long video that answers the phrase, “My mouth says ____.”

Three key statements must be mentioned in the video:

  • brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes;
  • floss every day; and
  • see a dentist every six months.

The contest will run from Feb. 23 through March 20, 2015, with the winning video being announced at the end of March. Video submission and voting will take place on the MDA SmileMichigan Facebook page. The class with the winning video will receive a pizza party and a donation from the MDA to their school.

The objectives of the Mouthiest Class video contest are to educate youth on the importance of oral health in a fun and creative way. The contest is also an extension of the MDA’s statewide public education campaign that asks "What Would Your Mouth Say About You?"

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